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Emotionally Connect With Your Brand by Creating Experiences For Customers

A brands needs to complete more than a service, it needs to establish a bond with its customers to create a loyal following. Learn why customers value a quality brand experience, and how it can affect your marketing strategy.

Editor Sam Zimman Honored with Silver Telly Award for Work in Branded Content

We are thrilled to announce that our very own Sam Zimman is a 2015 Silver Telly Award Winner for his work on the branded content entry “Houdini – Keep Watching.”

Nudity, Vanity, and Rebranding

To some, the naked body is art, while others use it to hyper-sexualize messaging, or create eye-catching value where there would otherwise be none. Learn more about this dichotomy seen in the strikingly different nudity stunts by Sagmeister Inc and Viceroy Creative.

How Design Works

Design is more than the look and feel of an object or entity. It is the resulting emotion of consumers, who ultimately dictate the value of a given product. Explore this exemplary guide on the various forms of design and their impacts on the end user experience.

Understanding Web Design

Brand’s in today’s always-connected world need a solid and consistent web presence that effectively and beautifully outlines their core offerings. One of our favorite resources, A List Apart, delves into the significance behind web design, and its intricacies.

5 Copywriting Errors That Can Ruin A Company’s Website

Web design may attract the eye, but bad copy could hurt the brain. Learn more about the 5 copywriting errors that could ruin your brand’s web presence.

“Little Accidents” 2015 NYC Premiere!

MindSmack Productions executive produced film ‘LITTLE ACCIDENTS’ was released in 20 markets across the U.S. earlier this year. Learn more about the dark themes surrounding writer and director Sara Colangelo’s plot.

SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW: Peter Kenigsberg, Account & Marketing Manager

Marketing has always been an industry of interest for Account & Marketing Manager Peter Kenigsberg. Learn more about his Long Island upbringings, and the experiences in college that made him equally passionate about music.

Riding the Rails at the 2014 PMA Expo

As the Creative Agency of Record for Railex, this year we had a new challenge on our hands: Upgrade the design of Railex’s trade show presence for the 2014 PMA Fresh Summit.

MindSmack TV Client InstaGate Featured On Good Morning America

We are proud to announce that MindSmack client Instagate was featured on Good Morning America, and creator Matt MacLean had his chance to pitch his product live!

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