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Award-Winning Documentary Film “Akwantu: The Journey” Comes Alive with Help from the Color team at MindSmack TV

Nimble Division has recently finished color correction for a feature-length documentary detailing “the New World’s first successful freedom fighters.”

The film, titled Akwantu: the Journey, is truly one-of-a-kind and is the first to document the fascinating culture of Jamaica’s “Maroon” population; Their story all too often misunderstood or omitted from history books.

Director/filmmaker, Roy T. Anderson was introduced to the Nimble Division team members in 2011. Anderson worked closely with the Nimble to grade over two years of footage into a cohesive-looking, and visually arresting documentary. “It’s always a challenge to work with footage that spans years and geographic locations info a uniform ‘look’. Also, the source footage came in from multiple camera types, compounding the effort,” says members of the NimbleVFX team. For Mr. Anderson, Nimble Division was a terrific partner and was able to balance scenes, stabilize shots and gave the documentary a seamless feeling.

Expect continued future success of the film as it continues it’s impressive world-wide festival journey. To learn more about the documentary and to view a preview, visit:


Nimble Division is a boutique, full service post-production and production facility based in New York, NY. Color Correction & Color Grading services are performed on a fully real-time DaVinci Resolve system in a “color critical” environment.

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