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Chemistry For Ryan Piers Williams and America Ferrera Simmers On and Offscreen

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “X/Y” Writer/Director Ryan Piers Williams discusses the excitement and challenges of casting his wife America Ferrera opposite him in the lead role.

In the film Mark (Williams) and Sylvia (Ferrera) are having troubles in their relationship and ‘connect’ with friends for support.

When speaking with interviewer Nina Terrero, Williams described directing Ferrera as “natural”, but still admitted “big risks” were involved, especially when filming a sex scene: “It’s not about us personally so I didn’t worry about it too much, honestly, but it is a vulnerable moment.”

The two originally met while working on a student film project at USC.

Learn about what Ferrera originally thought of her character and read the article: Entertainment Weekly: Tribeca Film Festival: Husband-wife duo Ryan Piers Williams and America Ferrera team up for ‘X/Y’.

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