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Instagate Kickstarter Video

The founder of EcoEasy reached out to our creative team to help develop a Kickstarter video for the company’s flagship product, the Instagate. Together, we developed, produced and created a winning promotion. The fundraising campaign was wildly successful, exceeding its initial goal of $25,000 in just under 3 days! The product has been featured on Good Morning America, and Shark Tank, and we continue to support EcoEasy as the Instagate hits stores nation wide.



Behind the Scenes

Our first kickstarter campaign video couldn’t have been more fun to develop. Working closely with the product’s inventor, the Nimble production team got right to work scriptwriting, location scouting and creating a video story board. Fortunately, we loved the product, a fully recyclable tailgating package that includes everything but the food, drinks and ice, and it’s founder is a dream to work with.

Once we had a story in mind and our script and location locked, we started shooting. Filmed in a single day, and edited together in just a few weeks.  With the inclusion of a few product beauty shots, the creation of some informational graphics, a proper sound mix and color correction, the video was successfully completed and launched on Kickstarter.


Our clients fundraising goal of $25,000 for his “Tailgate in a Box™” was met in just 3 days! We couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to use one at our next tailgating event.

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