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Mistic E-Cig

Shifting Sounds

We were approached by our friends at Hayden 5 Media to help them finish off a beautiful spot they had recently shot for Mistic E-Cig’s new line of e-liquids  “Unbroken Liquids.” Shot on a Phantom Flex 4k, the spot consisted of extremely high resolution shots of various fruits being opened and harvested for use in the e-cig juice. When we received the spot, it was completely silent and we were tasked with creating the energy and identity that would drive the commercial.


  • Mixing
  • Music Supervision
  • Sound Design
  • Voiceover

Sound Design

Hear Nature's Call

The first step we took was using sound design to bring to life all of the actions and objects. This step includes finding sounds in our sound databases, recording new sounds, and layering and effecting them to enhance detail and give motion to the picture on screen.

"These shots instantly make an impression on anyone who sees them. The vivid details and slow motion captures make each moment extremely dramatic and I wanted to reinforce and reproduce that intensity in the sound design.”

Geoff Strasser, Mix Engineer at Nimble Division

Sourcing & Editing

Searching for the Right Sounds

We sourced 12 tracks and eventually presented three to the client and informed them of our opinion on what we thought worked best.

“We weren’t given any real direction in regards to music so we went with our gut and did what felt right. Many don’t realize how important music plays into the emotional read and mood of a production.”

Geoff Strasser, Mix Engineer at Nimble Division

The two music selections yield two completely different feeling spots. On the left, a melodic piano track, evokes delicacy, spaciousness, and eloquence. The right, a pulsing drum beat, feels tribal and raw.

Final Mixing

Set the Mood

The final piece of the puzzle was a narration to inform the listener about the product. We received 8 different professional voice actor’s submissions of Hayden 5’s copy and together we decided on the best one.

After the voiceover was edited and placed in the spot to give it a natural and enticing pace, we set out to do the final mix. Through the manipulation of each sound’s loudness and tonal quality, we give each element a place to live and be heard without infringing upon the space of any other. The result is a clear and powerful audio mix, that when paired with the dazzling picture, creates a driving and beautiful piece of work.

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