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Nimble Division Invigorates Allstar Products Group, LLC.

Quietly, behind instantly recognizable late night infomercials and big retail consumer products, Allstar Products Group claims responsibility for launching a number of recent cultural phenomena.

Securing their place as the big company that no one has heard of, Allstar is better known for their brands; Snuggie, Bendaroos,Topsy Turvy, Bumpits, Perfect Brownie, Aqua Globes, and many more “As Seen on TV” products. Having focused on brand marketing via Direct Response for decades, Allstar knew it was time to embrace their newfound attention and asked MindSmack to re-imagine their corporate website. The challenge; turn a faceless corporate website into an engaging showcase of Allstar’s vision, brands, growth strategy, and a hugely successful brand family.

Nimble Diviison created a variety of concepts for the new corporate website. The overwhelmingly positive response within the company has lead to a variety of other brand-enhancing assignments. The team, lead by Head of Brand/Digital, David Buivid, and lead designer Aviva Buivid has created the current corporate logo, and set up special social network contests, including a “Valentine’s Day Snuggie give-a-way” contest on Twitter. The team has also been involved with establishing a presence on Facebook for many of their leading brand lines. As the companies relationship deepened, the Nimble team was tapped to design Allstar’s reception area video loop to coincide with a recent office relocation.

Additionally, the Nimble team has been on board for technology and strategy consulting with Allstar. Since working with Nimble Division, Allstar’s online presence has significantly increased. Mr. Buivid explains, “They’ve given us some freedom to give their products a voice. We’re helping them make steps in the right direction to build sustainable brands in an evolving, and fickle market.” As of this writing, the Snuggie facebook page has 200,000+ members, giving the “gag gift” a high-level social presence.

Allstar clearly understands the needs of the inventors whose ideas make all of their brand successes possible. The new website makes potential inventor-partners more comfortable by showing that Allstar is a media-savvy brand shepherd that has a stellar track record. Metrics that include product submissions, page views, and time spent on-site have notably increased since post-launch of the new website.

With parodies, quips, and praises by online blogger Perez Hilton,, and even unsponsored sites like, products such as Snuggie continue to be an inspiration and mobilizer for dialogue. Marketed as something for the entire family, Allstar has recently extended a variety of product lines by partnering with Nickelodeon and the NFL. Nimble Division is thrilled to continue their work with the company behind the brands that have such a large cultural imprint and are seen by so many people.

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