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“Modern Family” Comes to USA Network: Nimble Division Provides Edit, Graphics & Audio for USA Network 2012 Upfront

The Nimble Video staff attack the project from all sides to deliver what has been touted as the highlight of the 2012 USA Network Upfront.

USA Writer/Producer Roderick Beltran contacted Nimble Division in order to announce the acquisition of “Modern Family” at the USA Network 2012 Upfront presented at Lincoln Center. Roderick’s idea was to do a parody of the “Modern Family” show open that uses a picture frame as a transitional device between scenes.

The concept was to mimic the open for “Modern Family” in a clever, but obvious way using character’s from USA’s programming lineup. To start, a picture frame is held up by the cast members of a USA Network show. As the scene plays out the camera pulls back, like throwing a car into reverse, away from the subjects until the view passes backwards through a picture frame which is being held up by the cast of another USA Network Show – Sounds confusing? Here’s a link to the video.

Nimble was also responsible for the edit and color correction of the piece. Each picture frame was motion tracked, animated and rotoscoped by Nimble’s graphics team. The seamless transitions from each edited scene to the next worked out perfectly. The project was brought to completion with sound design and final mix.

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