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Top Talent Aligns, Produces 3D Promo Launch for truTV’s ‘Wipeout’

Nimble Division was retained to create a spot that incorporates the truTV logo into the obstacle course in the hit game show Wipeout.

The task included rotoscoping elements of the existing footage (removing items from the scene) and then replacing the items with a 3D version of the logo. The goal was to create the illusion that the contestants were interacting with the logo as if it were part of the obstacle course.

“Each shot presented a unique set of challenges” says head of motion graphics, Mike Feuer, “matching the movement of the bucking bronco to make it look like the contestant was riding the logo was a particularly difficult motion track to nail down. The motivator shot was also deceptively difficult due to the lens distortion in the source video.”

The spot was edited and the story established before any of the graphic development began.

Next, the audio staff infused its magic into the mix by creating a sound design that drew from elements typically used in the course of the show. Wacky screams, silly and Batman-esque punches and hits rounded out the sound design to complete the spot.

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