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Nimble Reality FAQ

Note – These are all real questions that have been asked of us during the process of explaining the reasons behind launching a new brand.


Q: What is Nimble Reality?

A: We are a strategic creative agency with focus on video production and digital design. We act as the Creative / Strategic Marketing division of your team – it’s as if we were in-house, but without the overhead.

Q: Are you an agency?

A: We are a kind of agency. One that specializes in video production and interactive design. Our work is most effective for brands who are established and know that they need strategic creative support in order to accomplish internally-set goals, or companies that are looking to get to the next level with their outward marketing communications but don’t have the staff to do it. You can expect us to treat your project as if it was our own!

Q: What happened to The Smack Pack and MSTV?

A: We’ve always been one company with separate divisions.  The Smack Pack started in the MindSmack TV incubator, in 2012. The goal was to create a brand-focused creative department. We grew a robust team of digital-native designers and interactive developers. MindSmack TV has similarly evolved to provide a more complete suite of production services to compliment our core post-production expertise. 2015 felt like the perfect time to bring these specialized components together, adding strategic marketing to the mix in order to become Nimble Reality! 


Q: I know you as MindSmack TV. Do you still offer post production?

A: Of course!  So long as people are making videos, we will continue to provide post.

Q: Where do you see the role of VIDEO in a company’s strategic marketing plan?

A: Video, when done right, has the best chance of conveying a company’s message, or idea, whatever it may be. It is often the quickest way to rouse interest and prompt a response. Once we’ve grabbed attention, our design and interactive teams take over to package the content in such a way that it targets the right audience every time.

Q: What types of customers are you targeting, and why?

A: On the TV-front, we look to work more closely with network ad sales, Corporate communications and marketing teams. We are uniquely positioned to oversee an entire campaign rollout across all mediums.

Regarding new brand business, we are focused on mid-size/growing companies that typically don’t have a marketing strategy or creative team in place to execute their creative communication needs. Typically, this leads us to companies and brands with a market valuation between $30M-500M.

Q: Do you have plans to move away from TV production and post?

A: No Way! TV in our eyes remains the “gold standard” of viewing content. Most TV networks have been increasingly padding their off-air digital offerings. We create longer spots, and unique content to further promote a new show, series, etc. Nimble Reality combines seasoned marketing pros with creatives from the “digital generation” who just get it and are positioned to help those willing to seize the future do so.



Q: I know you as The Smack Pack. Do you still build websites and create brands?

A: Now more than ever before. In fact, we feel that both strategic business grounding and high-end video services are so central to launching a brand project that we brought it all together under the new Nimble Reality name.

Q: I really just need a website to get my business off the ground. Can you help?

A: At this time, we are looking to work with a few businesses that need a lot of creative services. Think of us as your out-of-house creative department with a heaping side of marketing strategy. This means, unless you have monstrous digital needs, or perhaps your business will operate solely from the web, we probably will pass up opportunities to work strictly on a website.

Q: How about business cards and sales material, will you set this up for me?

A: We love working on the core elements for a brand’s communication with their customers and prospects. This includes business cards, letterhead, presentation templates, trade show support, advertisements and much more. However, we provide these services for businesses that have engaged with us at a deep level – perhaps we built the brand, other times we have created multi-part video campaigns and needed some additional non-video elements. Either way, we typically don’t do “one-offs”, but we’re happy to discuss starting a meaningful relationship.

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