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2016 Oscar Winners!

Below is a list of all the Oscar winners and nominees for 2016. When were the 2016 Oscars held? The Oscars were held on Sunday, February 28th. On what channel/network did the 2016 Oscars air? The Oscars aired live on ABC. Where were the 2016 Oscars be held? The Oscars were held at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. When were […]

List of all Oscar Hosts (Academy Awards Hosts)

Below is a list of all the hosts for every year the Academy Awards have been held. > Click here to view a list of the oscar winners for 2016 > Click here to view a list of all the past ‘best picture’ winners Click a name to be taken to the corresponding IMDB page.   YEAR 2016 […]

Why Brands Must Create Smart Content

Thoughtful and targeted content development is one of the most effective ways to both speak with and engage your target customers. Learn why we have invested in strategic content marketing and how these best practices can be used to further your brand’s message.

The Power of Sound

Our audio services accentuate production value and instill every piece with just the right emotion and energy. Learn why sound is so important and see what we have done to push our clients to the next level.

Brand Spotlight: Apple Music vs. Spotify

With its release on June 30, Apple Music became Spotify’s most challenging competitor. While the tech titan’s latest offering is a product of patience and acquisitions, Spotify holds true to its social mindset. We weigh in on the two streaming services, and how their trajectories impact the music industry as a whole.

The Importance of Marketing Strategy

Download this free white paper to learn why marketing strategy is a fundamental element of building successful brands. Everything starts with strategy, and there’s a lot more at stake than looking good.

Video: A Marketer’s Best Friend

Today’s brands are quickly discovering the value video provides their brand. Learn more about Nimble Division’s in-house, award-winning expertise in video production, as well as various uses for video every brand can employ.

Nimble Reality: Who, What & Why

Nimble Reality is a creative marketing shop that accentuates brand value at every touchpoint. Learn more about our offerings, and how our unique perspective helps businesses of all sizes excel on today’s high-traffic platforms.

Brand Spotlight: Spotify vs Tidal

Spotify remains a music streaming powerhouse thanks to its user-friendly freemium platform. That soon may change as new competitor Tidal has entered the market’s elite tier with its own powerhouse of household names: Daft Punk, Jack White, Madonna, and the ringleader Jay-Z. Find out which platform is right for you, right for the artists, and destined to outlast its rival.

Emotionally Connect With Your Brand by Creating Experiences For Customers

A brands needs to complete more than a service, it needs to establish a bond with its customers to create a loyal following. Learn why customers value a quality brand experience, and how it can affect your marketing strategy.

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