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The Power of Sound

Great audio dramatically enhances the drive, emotion, and glossiness of your production. Everyone wants their message heard and a great mix makes that happen loud and clear.

Poorly executed audio is easy to detect; you know it when you hear it. Bad sound can distract the listener, taking them out of the moment, and can cloak a video project in an unprofessional musk. There are so many great videos out there. We deliver great audio make your video stand out. This is why the A in A/V is capitalized too!

There are a few steps to ensure professional and impressive sound;

Mixing balances all of the sonic elements (dialogue, music, sound effects) so that nothing is loud to the point of distraction or too quiet to make an impact.

Sound Design has the ability to transport a listener to any place, enrich an emotion, and enliven any moment.

Music, whether it is scored or licensed, can dramatically alter the emotional tone of a production.

Case Study:  Mistic – Unbroken Liquid

We offer the following audio services:

Sound Design/Foley
Using previously recorded sounds and newly recorded sounds to detail and highlight actions, objects, and places on screen.

Mix in Stereo + 5.1 for Broadcast, Film, and Internet
Achieve maximum impact of sound effects and music while retaining space for voiceover and narration to cut through and deliver the intended message.

Create pleasing, full spectrum audio presentations that demonstrate craft and care.

Adhere to loudness laws and norms for all platforms so your project sounds great on the television, in theaters, and off your laptop.

Voice-over Recording and Voice Production
Record, produce, and edit high quality narration for your video.

Scoring and Music Composition
Create music in all genres, styles, and moods for your project.

Sonic Branding
Custom tailor sonic trademarks and iconic sounds for brands.

Re-dubbing of audio for film and television.

Audio Restoration and Cleanup
Cleaning out noise and enhancing clarity of any audio.

If you can hear it, we can make it sound better!

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