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Press Release: MindSmack TV and The Smack Pack Merge to Form Nimble Division

NEW YORK, NY – Nimble Division ( combines the successful video and post-production house MindSmack TV (MSTV), and its award-winning interactive design department, The Smack Pack (TSP), allowing high-value video production to be extended to all interactive mediums.

This merger, seven years in the making, is led by a team of seasoned video editors, mixers, producers and designers who have creatively supported a wide array of product launches and marketing campaigns.

The Smack Pack was established internally at MindSmack.TV (Now in 2012, to focus exclusively on branding and interactive design for mid-size and growing companies.

Brothers Todd and Mike Feuer opened MindSmack TV in 2008. Together they have over 40 years experience in video production and post-production with well-known network television clients and commercial brands. Todd Feuer serves as the company’s CEO.

As Mike Feuer explains, “Nimble Division is a new type of  agency. We offer clients a level of creative marketplace activation and strategic guidance that has generally only been available from larger global agencies.”

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