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The Quest for the Cup

Nickelodeon International tasked Nimble with the creation of a multi-platform experience where their most popular animated characters and live action stars teamed up for televised competitions with the goal of collecting slime for their team. This 14-week expedition was designed to invite kids to join a team, engage in web-based activities, follow the progress of their team, as well as urge them to get off the couch and be active with the objective of collecting the most slime and winning the Slime Cup!


This campaign was localized in 14 different languages in dozens of countries. The project underwent five phases with a total of 154 total deliverables including promos, segments promoting and showcasing the challenges, a sizzle, a BTS reel, and digital spots. The campaign was so well received that Nickelodeon has already confirmed a second Slime Cup, proving once again that slime remains an international phenomenon.



  • PromaxBDA Global Excellence - Silver - “Children’s Program Campaign Using Multiple Media”
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Setting the Stage

The Slime Cup began in Los Angeles where Nickelodeon International’s Supervising Producer, Simone Smith, went with a team to shoot the live-action competitions. Using a four-camera setup, the crew captured tons of slime-filled, friendly competitions, field and team packaging shots, host material, behind the scenes footage, and beauty shots of the coveted Slime Cup trophy. After receiving the scripts and footage, we were ready to get moving!


Let the Games Begin

Phases one and two of the project began with the “Slime Cup Challenge,” the first tier of Nickelodeon’s tournament bracket. Each of the 16 segments were edited in two different ways. One version had hosted packaging from one of Nickelodeon’s TV stars for the English speaking markets, and the other was VO driven for non-English speaking markets. Shortly following were the third and fourth phases in which we began to create the multi-purpose spots featured on various platforms. While some promos, sizzles, and BTS reels were used for television broadcasts, digital spots such as the dance competition reel were used online to drive traffic to The Slime Cup website and enlist kids to help collect slime in various ways for their chosen team. The final phase, known as “The Tournament of Champions,” comprised of the same deliverables as phases one and two, but for the second tier of the tournament bracket featuring the animated competitors, using original animations for the stunts.

We are incredibly proud of The Slime Cup’s success, and the dozens of teammates who we had the pleasure to work with every step of the way. The Slime Cup website achieved more than 30 million page views during the campaign period, with an average session duration of nearly 14 minutes. The campaign also picked up a Silver PromaxBDA award! Want to know who won the cup? See for yourself!

Take a look at some of the deliverables for this project! Sit back and relax, because there is a lot to watch.

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