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Nothing Up Our Sleeves

History Channel’s integrated marketing department tapped Nimble Division to co-create an eye-catching magic trick spot to cross promote their Houdini mini series starring Adrian Brody with the new Chrysler 200. Editorial talent developed an animatic to lay out this complex shoot, provided on set editorial support, final edit, and oversaw post-production.

Once the spot was wrapped, our team continued working with History to create a series of Vine videos to support the series’ social media campaign.



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Preparing the Act

We love working on co-branded content. For this project, we were tapped by the integrated marketing department at History to provide a full post-production pipeline on a highly technical spot to showcase their new special ‘Houdini’ along with sponsor Chrysler.

We got started early producing a full animatic to help the production team work out timings. Taking time at the beginning of the project to select the Chrysler beauty shots was essential to match the aesthetic look in lenses, lighting, and set dressing.


Real-Time Results

On the pre-light day, we worked with the motion control rig to make sure all of our camera moves and visuals were in sync. On the day of the shoot our editor was also on set and editing footage as it was shot. If a question came up about continuity or editing in post, we were able to answer immediately, saving essential time and expense for all parties involved. Before the crew was packed up from the set we had posted a complete edit. Everyone was overjoyed to immediately see the fruits of their labor.


Pulling Back the Curtains

With a successful shoot day behind us, the rough edit was off to post. We conformed the Phantom Anamorphic footage, tweaked the edit and speed ramps, painted out a few small imperfections, coordinated edits with our Flame artist, and helped the client communicate with the color facility in LA. Post launch of the on air spot, we were called upon to create a Vine video cutdown to extend the work’s reach via social media.

The project was such a success that we were asked to deliver extra tags in anticipation of additional airings. We can’t wait to collaborate with all of these folks again!

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