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Changing Private Investment

VisioCap is an emerging membership-based private investment company that came to Nimble for an informative website and a complete set of branded materials. The founders’ vision, excitement, and commitment to honesty were infectious.

We created a look that is clean and professional, paired it with custom photography and created a web presence that is full of life without overwhelming the client’s message.


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Security is a Priority

VisioCap operates using private information, presenting an added challenge for our team to construct a website that was both beautiful and safeguarded.

Our team had to come up with a way to engage and inform interested clients with a sneak peek of what the company is all about without giving away any proprietary information. We designed a homepage that would act as a front-facing CTA, and password-protected all other internal pages with a user sign up/log in screen for members to gain access to the remainder of the website. This way, undesirable leads were quickly filtered out while leaving all pertinent information under lock and key.

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Printed Materials Tie it All Together

Along with a digital presence, it was important for VisioCap to have in-person materials to hand out during conferences and client meetings.

We created a 30-page brochure which is given to new members that outlines the details of VisioCap’s investment model. The brochure neatly fits in the branded folder we designed along with other meeting materials for the ultimate cohesive presentation.

"Nimble was absolutely great to work with. We presented them with an idea and they were able to guide us through the development of a full suite of marketing assets including print media, presentation materials plus a well-designed and responsive web site. The creative management team was communicative, thoughtful and fun to work with. We definitely plan to continue to take advantage of their capabilities and confidently endorse them to others."

Steve & David, Co-Founders of VisioCap, LLC

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