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El Agua Es Asunto De Todos

A Platform for Empowerment

In English, El Agua Es Asunto De Todos means “Water Is Everyone’s Business”. Initially envisioned by our partners at Fenenbock Group, Nimble created a platform for Latin-Americans, largely agricultural-workers, who reside in California’s Central Valley communities. “El Agua” provided a brand and rallying point where people could come together, learn about the facts and share resources related to water issues facing the region at large.



Vibrant Branding for an Active Cause

The visual brand’s colors imply the historically lush landscape of the central valley (green) and the water’s (blue) vital part in sustaining the fragile natural and economic ecosystems. The hourglass metaphor is a clear and obvious symbol of the issue’s timely importance.


Brand Visibility is Key

The team at “El Agua” is ever present at important community events with plenty of branded tools to share with their audience. Brochures, flyers, yard signs, bumper stickers, and more have positively rallied the community behind this important cause. The El Agua brand is a stamp of pride for a community that rarely is treated with the level of respect and civility that is commonplace for “average” Americans.


Driving the Movement Online

The initial website featured a dynamic stream of real stories to expose the impact of water with relation to various livelihoods and family dynamics to anyone interested in the water problems that face the Central Valley. Additionally, The Fenenbock Group selected key community members to feature in powerful “real people” interviews – edited in part by the Nimble Division video team. As conditions worsen (4 years of drought), the brand’s staff continue to utilize and customize their digital presence as the conversation evolves. El Agua provides voice and direction to many who are otherwise voiceless.

“These guys are the best. They’ve deftly handed creative concepts & strategy, design, our website & social media. Everyone that we’ve spoken to seems to “get it” and I just couldn’t be happier to have chosen to work with them on my awareness campaign”

Daphne, President of MAX Films

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