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MindSmack TV

Creating a Brand Fit for a Top NYC Production Company

When MindSmack TV decided to revamp the brand it was ‘go time’ for our branding division. The logo mark was developed to be familiar and unique at the same time. The goal: To reflect the attitude and personality of the office: friendly, powerful and modern while subtly illustrating what we do.


  • Audio
  • Digital
  • Edit
  • Identity
  • Motion Graphics
  • Offline
  • Video Production


Symbolizing the Smack

MindSmack’s exacting approach to client work, combined with attractive, modern edit suites is neatly reflected in the new brand guide: quality, minimalistic design set with a distinctive and easily recognizable mark.

After many iterations, the resulting visual identity featured an iconic “smack” symbol paired with a friendly lowercase wordmark. The symbol became a flexible asset that lent itself beautifully to animation, and also worked perfectly as a watermark or an avatar. The dark gray and burnt red color palette provides gravity and balance to the cheeky symbol and approachable typography.



A Fully-Branded Office

In the MindSmack TV office, the branding shines through on businesses cards, client information sheets, video loops, and interior design. The MindSmack TV persona is evident at every client interaction.

Famous for their parties, the MindSmackTV branding also extends to invitations and assets, with unique branded illustrations for each event.


A Powerful Digital Showcase

MindSmack TV’s website is visited regularly by network television producers, fellow editors, and other industry professionals. The site showcases the team’s latest and greatest work and stays true to the MindSmack TV persona with frequent blog posts, team bios, and party photos. One thing is obvious: this is a great place to work and a great team to work with.

"We may be biased, but it’s an undeniable fact - we got so many compliments on the rebrand. Everyone we work with really noticed and loved the new, modern, MindSmack TV look. It’s something we’re very proud of - it fits us perfectly! And it definitely helps our clients understand who we are and what we’re all about. It’s great to have a design team we can rely on to support all of our visual needs."

Todd Feuer, Founder at Mindsmack TV

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