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The family that owns and operates NYC’s historic Webster Hall Nightclub & Venue set out to build out a new location positioned to suit a more mature audience. The space itself is laid out like a labyrinth, perfect for exploration – something of a “fun house”. We created an impactful brand that supported the goal to be perceived as a club that is open to everyone, but attracts a select, discerning crowd.



Start the Party with a New Attitude

The ambiance of the club was inspired by the grit of street art and the danger and starkness of 80’s Berlin nightlife. We sought to integrate this aesthetic and mysterious atmosphere around the new brand. The resulting logo and visual treatment is meant to be quickly identifiable and easy to read in multiple mediums and environments. What we came up with was a angular typeface with a structure that implies the maze-like interior of the club itself.


Be in the Know

A responsive website is crucial to Slake’s young and tech-savvy audience browsing the site on their mobile devices. Primary emphasis was put on the event calendar since that is the main user goal for potential attendees. The brand aesthetic tranferred nicely into the digital space with it’s dark color palette, textures and angular elements.

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Branded Content for the Venue and Beyond

Much of Slake’s branded material appears on-site and in the hands of customers. Nimble provided a full suite of slick, branded items including drink tickets, coat check receipts, flyers, and animated drink-menu signage. This creates full brand emersion for the patrons of the venue and is a level of detail that is important to us when working with this type of venue.

As Slake continues to evolve and add themed parties to their calendar, we are depended upon to create branding and flyer design that is unique to each party theme. Each one is unique, but continues to adhere to the underlying tone of the nightclub and original brand.


Sound Just Travels Faster

Radio spots were created to resemble Slake’s nightlife atmosphere. Airing in the local area to attract young partygoers, the ads effectively impact their target market with results seen in long lines and good times.

“I put my faith in the Nimble team and they delivered. When launching our new club, we had a vibe in mind but not much else. As our partners in branding and design, Nimble Division was able to translate our vision into the real world. Now we have a full visual identity that sets us apart from an increasingly competitive field. It’s like having a creative department on staff without the fuss. Highly recommended.”

Tom, Founder of Slake

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