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Webster Hall

Giving a Historic Venue a Modern Edge

Opened in 1886, Webster Hall is America’s longest running nightclub and performance venue. It has earned it’s “Landmark” status many times over, having hosted social events and being ground-zero for musical accomplishment and innovation. The current management were seeking an outside team for creative brand assistance, and we’ve been friends and partners ever since.

As their creative right arm, we are able to consult and collaborate with them on many of their projects relating to the company’s in-person and digital presence.


  • Digital
  • Identity
  • Motion Graphics
  • Offline
  • Video Production


  • One Page Love - June 2015
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Girls & Boys Branding

Be the Life of the Party

Webster Hall needed a visual brand refresh for the exceedingly popular, longstanding Friday night “tastemaker” party established in 2007 called Girls + Boys. Our team was tasked to evolve the beloved brand into something modern, fun, and bursting with personality. A moodboard, sketch iterations, and a little elbow grease helped us establish a logo and associated style guide for the new persona that would be the base for all future materials.

The logo that was chosen has a grunge, hand-drawn feel that fits perfectly with the Girls + Boys theme.

The style guide was given to the Webster Hall team so that any additional materials made would adhere to the specific guidelines. It was also created and written in a style that matches Webster Hall’s personality.


Every Moment Counts

Having a logo and a “look” was not enough for a party that is going to host 52 events every year, in perpetuity. We needed to plan for the unknown and find a way to maintain consistency across all marketing channels. For the party, this means we had to create a full tool set of elements and rules so that the brand voice and attitude speaks to its audience week after week, year after year. Colors, custom, hand-drawn shape forms, layout rules, and examples set the tone for anyone working on the day-to-day to follow.

A full photoshop template with layers for logo, photo, pattern and event info placement, with an asset collection make it possible for anyone on the Webster Hall team to create custom even fliers at a moments notice with ease.

Audio & Video

Bright Lights, Big Sounds

Print design is static, a party is not. Our videos perfectly complemented the Girls + Boys brand and its marketing materials, accentuating the lively, youthful crowd that fills Webster Hall every Friday night. You can see the video elements displayed on the walls and DJ booth of the main stage.


The Hall's History, Online

With 4 discreet stages and any number of events taking place on a given day, well, the website is a bit of a monster. The internal team set the tone and we’ve chimed in to develop an interactive, responsive timeline, using some cool new web development tricks. With access to a large of number of historical photos, sketches, and fliers spanning almost 180 years, this was no easy feat. Webster Hall has been a large part of the Greenwich village community, and with such a strong prsence it was important to tell it’s story in an engaging way.

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Using parallax scrolling techniques, we were able to call out various elements that were important for each time period. See it in action below!


Still Going Strong

Through the first half of 2015, Webster Hall has reported a 94% increase in ticket sales compared to the same period in 2014. Girls + Boys continues to contribute to this success with regular sold-out shows. Combined with our strategic rebrands, Webster Hall remains one of the premier clubs in the world.

“We consider ourselves so lucky to have found a responsible, high-quality creative partner in Nimble Division. Working with a group that so clearly “gets it” is a blessing. This brand is very close to our hearts and it was amazing to have an outsider truly understand our vision. The crew knows what to say and how to communicate it effectively across digital and live brand channels. Together, we are unstoppable.”

Laura, Marketing at Webster Hall

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